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Global Opportunity Report

In every risk there is opportunity

The 2016 Global Opportunity Report is out now!

GOR 2016 cover

…but spotting them is hard. Leaders from all parts of society, be it business, politics, academia, civil society and so on have one common task of building resilient and sustainable societies. And they all need the same tool: The mindset to spot the opportunities for sustainability and prosperity in an ever-changing and turbulent environment.
That's where the Global Opportunity Network comes in. In the annual Global Opportunity Report, we present each year a global guide to opportunities for building a safe and sustainable future. The first edition was published on January 20th 2015 as the first step towards developing a complete GPS system for global changemakers – enabling them to move fast and safe in a complex, fragile and uncertain environment.

With each new edition of the report we expand the scope and deepen our understanding of risks and opportunities ahead. In parallel we are developing the Global Opportunity Network, bringing together changemakers from different sectors and regions to share experiences, insights and outlooks. This makes the Global Opportunity Network a unique forum for expanding the horizon of your organization to enable it to navigate safely in an ever changing environment.

The 2016 Global Opportunity Report is out now!

We encourage you to explore the project and share it among your networks. To download your copy of the new report, watch this year's launch event, or sign up for our newsletter, please follow the links below.