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Design assistance


Comprehensive Design assistance services to support you at every step of your renewable energy project, from early-stage development to energization.

Renewable energy markets are moving quickly across the globe. There is a growing urgency to get projects built, and developers need to submit their designs as early as possible. Whilst the markets are at different levels of maturity, the pressures are similar for solar, onshore / offshore wind, wave and tidal generation projects.

Sharing your workload with independent design experts can help you speed development and stay ahead in the market. At DNV GL, you can find all the expertise you need for rapid, smooth development of your renewables project. Our comprehensive services cover everything from early-stage development right through to project energization. And we combine our advanced compensation and modelling software combines with in-depth experience to design a suitable electrical system for your project.

A service for every market
Contact with network operators is important in every project. By acting as your network operator liaison, we help you gain a clear understanding of your project requirements – from the plant / farm on one side to the grid system on the other.

With offshore wind, everything is bigger! So we allow for this in our work for any offshore project, ensuring specifications are fit for purpose. 

In solar, the key challenges are presented by harmonic emissions, which can be problematic for operators. Through harmonic studies, we support you in bringing new systems in line – and in perfect harmony – with existing ones.

Support that goes further
Following our services, you receive design reports and specification. But our assistance doesn't have to stop there. You can take these reports directly or, if you prefer, we can go through the tendering process with you. Our team will also support you in each development and construction process, all the way through to energization. We can even supervise contractors on site.

Global understanding
Our design assistance is available globally, and our experienced professionals are always ready to help you accelerate your design projects. They understand the grid, plus the different types of generators being attached it and how they behave. PV systems, turbines, hydro schemes – we have experts who are specialists in each field.