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SCADA solutions

SCADA solutions


John Rose

John Rose

SCADA Lead, Asset Integrity & Performance

A common platform for managing and controlling all your renewable energy assets.

Throughout the energy industry, operators face the challenge of having multiple projects from different suppliers and, in some cases, across different technologies. The data from these projects is spread across many different systems making it difficult to manage.

Managing renewable energy assets
DNV GL's Supervisory, Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) system provides a common platform for all your (on- and off-shore) wind, solar and tidal assets. It gives you a powerful tool to view information on all your assets from a single system, providing portfolio management.

The system connects to any renewable asset, automatically collecting the necessary data from your plant or wind farm. You can then review and control the current status, manage and analyse data, and create reports – all via a web browser.

Tailor-made delivery
Our SCADA solution is available to purchase as an in-house system or as a subscription service. It is available globally, and we have installed numerous systems in North America, Europe, mainland Asia and Japan. These installations currently cover:

  • Over 7 GW wind energy
  • 120 different wind farms
  • Over 5,000 turbines
  • Over 15 different turbine manufacturer models

Each installation is a configured system to your specific needs and delivered ready to use. You just log on and use it – generate asset reports at any time or location. Depending on your requirements, we can install a physical server onsite or host it in the cloud.

Our SCADA system is part of our complete asset operations and maintenance  service offering to support you in analysing and making the most of your data.


John Rose

John Rose

SCADA Lead, Asset Integrity & Performance

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