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Overview of the wind energy market (Japan Only)

A half day course for industry professionals wishing to learn more about the wind energy market. The presentations are supported by concise notes, practical examples and group discussions.


Robert Rawlinson-Smith Robert Rawlinson-Smith
Business Lead, Bladed

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Development of wind energy projects

Training Information

  • Duration:

    0,5 day

  • Date:

    To be determined

Additional information
The course will provide the latest outlook of the world’s key wind energy markets, such as USA, Europe, China and India.

For the Japanese market, the history and the relevant laws and regulations will be explained. Specific issues to the Japanese market and the necessary actions will be presented. Options for professions in the wind energy market will be indicated. What needs to follow for entrance to the wind energy market will be explained – for example, cost and profit structure, business risks and wind turbine design guidelines.

Course outline:

  • Outlook of the world wind energy markets
    -Emerging markets
  • Overview of the Japanese wind energy market
    -Laws and regulations
    -Expectations and concerns for the Feed-in Tariff Law
  • Japanese wind energy industry actions
    -Policy and target
    -Priority for grid connection
    -Transmission line management
    -Local manufacturing
  • Business strategy
    -Type of players
    -Cost and profit structure
    -Business risks and model
    -Wind turbine design guidelines
  • Q & A session

Who should attend?
Those who are interested in entering into the wind energy market and new entrants into the market from any kind of industry fields, such as: manufacturers, banks, investors, developers, operators and researchers.